The Four’s

Your Four year old is just one year older than he or she was last year, but their personality and individuality has grown leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. Four year old children are beginning to develop their own identities, opinions, and forming their first long lasting memories. This is such an important time in your child’s life, and we are so blessed to be able to share in this special time with your family.

As your child is growing in their confidence of their place in the world around them, our staff will work to ensure your four year old feels safe and encouraged to try and learn new things.

Our four year old’s program is specifically designed to encourage your child to develop healthy and positive habits through activities that promote the development of the whole child.

Our 4 year old program offers two curriculum options. We offer the 4’s essentials curriculum.

4 Essentials Curriculum

The Four’s class uses the Christian based, Essentials Curriculum which has a Christian based, thematic emphasis. It’s purpose is to teach skills in such a way that each lesson can be integrated into other core areas in the preschool setting. Other supplemental resources are used to reinforce skills introduced in the Essentials Curriculum. There are plenty of hands-on activities in learning centers that enhance and challenge cognitive growth. Fewer worksheets pages are used; however, the goals are the same as the K-4 class in preparation for kindergarten. The classroom can have a maximum of 12 children each day, with two teachers present. This program allows for more flexibility for family needs and schedules. There is a minimum of a 2 day, half or whole day, attendance for this class.

K-4 A Bekah Curriculum

The K-4 class uses A Bekah Curriculum. This curriculum is a Christian, phonics based program, integrating Christian values throughout all core areas taught. Work sheets from A Bekah workbooks are used as well as other supplemental material to reinforce skills. K-4’s attend 5 full days with a maximum of 9 students with one teacher present. Spaces are reserved for those children who may be kindergarten eligible, but just need a little extra time for growth. Although limited, the other spots are filled based on those parents who prefer a 5 day, full day, routine for their child. Both the K-4 and 4’s classes are intentionally designed to prepare all students for kindergarten.


• Weekly Bible Story Themes
• Daily Bible Verses
• Learning Key Biblical Figures

Motor Development

• Fine motor development
• Proper pencil position

Numeracy / Mathematics

• Organizational skills
• Patterns
• Counting 1-50
• Recognition of numbers 1-20
• Classifying/sorting


• Recognition of upper and lower case letters
• Association of letters with sounds
• Writing name
• Recognizing name in print

Social – Emotional Skills

• Following directions
• Emphasis on good listening skills
• Organizational skills
• Cooperation
• Independent skills (buttoning, zipping, putting things away, etc)
• Problem solving


• Problem solving